Bridging the Gap: Prevention Research, Urban Infrastructures, and Climate Adaptation

October 6, 2023I16:30to18:30


EUSPR Conference

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Ana Terra Amorim-Maia
September 6, 2023

Dr Ana Amorim-Maia will provide a keynote presentation in the session “Bridging the Gap: Prevention Research, Urban Infrastructures, and Climate Adaptation” at the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) Conference hosted in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In an era defined by climate change, urbanization, and growing environmental challenges, the need for proactive and innovative solutions has never been more apparent. This keynote presentation will explore the potential synergies between prevention research, urban infrastructures, and climate adaptation, underlining the actionable hope that unites them. Climate change affects prevention research by introducing new dimensions of risk, vulnerabilities, and inequalities.

Dr Ana Amorim-Maia’s talk will delve into actionable measures, indicators, and strategies that prevention practitioners and stakeholders can incorporate into their daily practice to improve lives, protect communities, and address climate challenges more effectively.

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