Co-producing adaptation knowledge for improved decision support

January 18, 2024I12:00to13:00


Room Aketxe, Sede Building

Marlene Ritter
January 11, 2024

In January the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) will host a session on insights and lessons learned related to good practice co-produced climate services for improved adaptation planning and decision-making.

How to best connect adaptation science and practice?

The session will building on experiences from case studies in Sweden and the European context addressing local adaptation processes to extreme weather events, such as heat waves and floodings, the session will showcase barriers and opportunities for effective exchange of knowledge, mutual learning and trust-building between practitioners, policy makers and climate scientists. A particular focus will be on tools for monitoring, evaluation and learning to allow for flexible and iterative participatory approaches while allowing for meaningful participation of stakeholders with different capacities and needs.

About the lecturers

Åsa Gerger Swartling is a Senior Research Fellow at SEI Headquarters and Head of Knowledge Management at SEI globally. Areas of expertise include science – stakeholder collaboration, collaborative learning and co-production of knowledge, notably in the field of climate change adaptation.

Karin André is a Senior Research Fellow and Team Lead for the Cities, Communities and Consumption Team at SEI Headquarters in Stockholm. Her main areas of research and experience include participatory research methods and co-production of knowledge with focus on the role of science-based stakeholder dialogues in managing complex environmental and sustainability issues. 

Mathilda Englund is a PhD student at the SEI headquarters in Stockholm. In her work, Mathilda studies knowledge systems in climate change adaptation and whether they transform, create, or reinforce politics and power relations driving vulnerability. 

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