Do we need a Global Goal on Adaptation?

October 4, 2023I10:30 EDTto12:00 EDT


Adaptation Futures 2023

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Marta Olazabal
September 4, 2023

Dr Marta Olazabal will chair session 211 “Do we need a Global Goal on Adaptation?” at the Adaptation Futures Conference hosted in Montreal, Canada.

The Paris Agreement (Article 7) established a Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA) of “enhancing adaptive capacity, strengthening resilience and reducing vulnerability to climate change” while contributing to sustainable development and meeting the temperature goal. Many challenges and questions emerge from the GGA framing and the Global Stocktake mechanism established to review progress towards it. These questions refer to the collective willingness to move towards a more precise definition of the GGA, assessment methods and means, sources of information and aggregation, temporal scales to consider, governance processes of monitoring and evaluation, and linkages with global and local justice and equity (1,2,3).

Dr Marta Olazabal will chair a nuanced discussion on the benefits and dangers, and – opportunities and trade-offs (and for whom), of the Global Goal on Adaptation framing.

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