The Future Human Habitat is to EVOLVE – International Workshop Restitution

July 11, 2024I14:00to17:30


IMREDD - Université Côte d'Azur

William Lewis
July 9, 2024

This workshop brings together 30 changemakers and innovators to think about the future of human habitats. William Lewis from the IMAGINE Adaptation will be attending.

Organized by Université Côte d’Azur’s Mediterranean Institute of Risk, Environment and Sustainable Development (IMREDD), via its Chair “User eXperiences for Smart Life: Home & Mobility” (UX), in collaboration with Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies’ (CIFS) network “EVOLVE”, this international workshop will bring together 30 changemakers and innovators to explore, experiment, and test probable futures of cities and human habitations.

Today we live in the epoch of a damaged planet, marked by the “Age of Man”: the Anthropocene. Through our activities, we have significantly altered the earth, inflicting massive changes and challenges. We live in an era where environmental crisis is accelerating, the economy is collapsing, future pandemics look inevitable, inequalities are growing and humanity is failing to respond and act justly, responsibly and sustainably. The future foresees major challenges to humanity. Among the impactful topics to carefully address is the human habitat: cities, neighborhoods, and the habitation of the future.

Spread over two days, this event shifts the mindset from “what is” to “what if,” highlighting the power of futures studies as a tool to learn, explore, react (to probable future human habitats), and innovate.

The objective : to apply scenarios developed by IMREDD’s User eXperiences for Smart Life (UX) Chair’s “Future Human Habitat” project, and by insights from the initial EVOLVE meeting, to local urban contexts, such as the Parc Meridia neighborhood in Nice and other similar locations across Europe through collective intelligence and ethnographic workshops.

You’re invited to the event’s final restitution session !

After two days of work, the participant changemakers and innovators will present the results of their exchanges to the wider public. These results will be converted on the spot into visuals for the changemakers, to use it during the public presentation, and later to be installed in the IMREDD Chair UX Future Human Habitat permanent exhibition.


14h – 16h : Workshops’ outcome presentations

16h – 17h : Interactive roundtable

17h : Closing remarks

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